Saturday, September 19, 2015

Yes, I'm Celebrating My Health! Always with a smile on my face and new diagonsis on the horizon.. just kidding

Today I am grateful for the health that I have. I could be far worse off, I could be a debbie-downer, a negative-nacy about my health, but I've learned some things from my illness's, strength, patience, which battles to fight, which wars must be won, all things come to pass, laughter helps with every thing, smiling keeps every one guessing and gives you less wrinkles, negativity only makes you sicker and it only hurts me. Good friends except you for who I am and the way I am and that far out ways any family that doesn't.
Enduring pain and hardship on a daily basis's gives you an insight, you'd rather you didn't have, but as I've aged I'm grateful for. It's made me a better person - OK a more honest, blunt, straightforward person - I call a spade a spade, and an ass-wipe an ass-wipe - I have no time for that silly crap, life is precious, special, All Life, I just wish we'd all see that.
Pain is a funny master, many can cover it up, mask it with medications, they are in some ways the lucky ones. I'm not one of those, nor do I really want to be. I'm allergic to just about every known pain medication to man, that's legal wink emoticon , or that my insurance wants to cover. Plus I like to be ALIVE, AWAKE, and PRESENT, so I deal with my pain up front in my face in real time. Its a jolly good time!! But, for me pain medications just are a mask, they mask the pain, they mask your personality, they mask your life. I want to LIVE! I want to enjoy life and celebrate LIFE!!
So even though I'm a walking facinoma, as my doctor calls me, I never could be normal, I accept, embrace my health for what it is, I'll take the best care I can of this temple that I can. It's the only way I can I can truly be happy and have the future I want. 

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way knocking anyone that can or does take pain medications. I wish there were ones that I could take that didn't try and kill me or that my insurance would cover. I also FULLY endorse medical marijuana and alternative medicine.

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