Sunday, September 20, 2015

~ Age? Who Knew One Day I'd Be Grateful To You!!!~

Today I am grateful for age!! I can not believe I am saying that, I have fought it, denied it, lied about it, wished I could have turned it back, and at times even had a do over.
Today and it could be just for today I am grateful for my age, and all that it has brought me to here and not to be the 20 or 30 somethings of today and definitely not the children of today. I might have my problems, made my mistakes (plenty),but I haven't been over analyzed, stimulated, drugged, stressed, ignored, put in front of little technical devices to be entertained 24/7, over/under educated, exposed to things at ages no one should ever be exposed to their whole lives, to a point that these 20-30 somethings are lashing out, freaking out, breaking down at unbelievable rates and by ages that are staggering, they won't make it to their 40's.
My age, not disclosed, wink emoticon has brought me to a love and appreciation of all things in nature. To be outside and how to be outside, being able to do things with my hands, simple things for myself, that until recently that I thought were common sense. But know its called "lost arts", really?? We all grew up doing this stuff every day! We were taught real and useful education, even though we didn't think so, most of it we have used, we know how to write, we can print and write in cursive. We know how to use a library and read a book in print. We can handle more stressful situations, because we know how to de-stress, its call having fun without destroying someone else's property. We know what respect is, because we were taught it, one way or the other.
There is another thing I'm grateful for my age about, It's given my "not give a fuck" button a wider berth (boating term) and my "don't fuck with" button an even wider berth. I guess what I'm saying is I care deeper for the things that matter to me and the one that don't, I flick like a flea and don't give another thought.
Age may give us a lot of negatives, but it seems it also gives us a lot of positives. DAMN DAMN!!! This realization came as I listened last evening to one of my son's friends sit and tell my honey and I that he was in the hospital after he passed out as he was about to punch a guy at work, he's 25. The ER told him he had some sort of stress related heart attack, and that if he didn't relieve some of his stress, he would have a heart attack and that his blood pressure was thorough the roof, he's 25. So now he's on blood pressure medications and has doctor appointments up the ass.
So yes I'm grateful for my age today! my coping abilities, my hard times, not being handed everything, working my ass off as a kid, fighting for everything I wanted, because its taught me how to blow off steam in the good ole boy way, not stress the small shit, choose my battles, and let go of the things that were causing me harm and stress.
Age who knew i'd be grateful for you one day!

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