Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gettin' On My Horses & Takin' a STAND!!!!

When do we as woman realize it is not the men that make us happy?? that comes from within! Only we can make ourselves happy! and thenat that point can we as complete satisfied women allow them, (Men), to be in our worlds. They are to be looked at as an added bonus, not a necessity or a required piece to complete a picture. and then when we are at that point do we add them (Men) as a bonus, and only the special ones, they are the ones that honor us with respect and honesty and love. Only then do we allow them to enter into our worlds.

Other than that fuck'em if they cant take a joke, and joke'em if they cant take a fuck!!!

Beattle Juice Beattle Juice Beattle Juice!!!

Well I still feel like Beattle Juice! My head feels like its held on my nuts, bolts and screws, Yesterday I was getting ready to go somewhere, and i didnt do anything out of the ordinary, i didn't hit anything, i didn't shake my head, nothing, but take the towel off my hair and OMG I felt like, You know when you were a kid or maybe even an adult, if you ever came down on your chin and hit it really hard, my only memory of this is like hitting the desk at Burger King when I was the Evil Night Manager and we had to put these evil tapes in the machines that stored all the data, well the machines were WAY WAY up on the top shelf, and you had to crawl on a stool on top of the desk, which really just was a tall boob heigth shelf, stand on it and on my tippy toes put the damn tape in, well on my way down, i slipped and came down like, you guess it a ton of bricks!! and hit my abdomen and then my chin! OUCH #$&)#$@&%*@&$#() and every other word! well this lovely feeling is how i feel every time i move my head wrong!! and it brings me to my flippin' knees!! and it makes for a really tough morning and a really lousy day, ok only if i do it repeatedly.. thus the BEATTLE JUICE!!!

Yesterday was a BEATTLE JUICE DAY! and i couldnt stop doing it.!!! and then to top it off, my sista, who is only a sista by bold, cuz no sista would treat a dog the way she treats someone when she only has use for them when she wants something from them! Was suppose to come up and take me to town to pay bills, grocery shop, You know make sure I'm ALIVE!! Guess what? Im not! I'm just a babysitter for her flippin handicapped dog! (she's deaf and got behavior issues) I get an email around 9pm saying sorry we'll do it tonight! BITCH!

Then, Do you ever wonder why some stores have customer service desk, or brag about their customer service? I dont know about where you live, but Central Oregon, is the worst place i have ever lived for customer service, and its not just the small mom and pop stores, its the big chains stores that come in here too!

Lets just say after i get my Toshiba back from Best Buy, I dont care if they are giving away a flat screen tv, i wont ever take anything in there for repair again, and i wont buy anything from there again.. 15 minutes on the phone just to get someone to answer, thats ring after ring. The first time, and then that guy puts me on hold for the GEEK SQUAD and no one ever comes to the phone. Then its another 7 minutes of ring after ring and i get some one on the phone i ask for the STORE MANAGER and i have to wait another 5 minutes and I explain that this was the worst case of customer service i have ever experienced His answer was, they on normal days, only have 1 (one) person answering the phones. and i asked about the GEEK SQUAD not having working phones and he said that he was sorry and what could he do and i said i wanted to check on the status of my laptop, He took another 7 minutes, thats after i gave him the tracking number (GEEK SQUAD tracking number) for my laptop to see when it was going to be delivered. He did not apologize, for the lenght of time that the phone was not answered, or that i was put on hold and no one picked it up. Just that this was normal procedure! NOT IN MY BOOK OR IN MY CHECK BOOK!

The next case of CRAPPY OMG CRAPPY customer service is the HERTZ car rental in BEND, OREGON!!! My sista, had reserved a 4 wheel drive truck 3 weeks before she needed, she was not going to pay with it, with a credit card or a debit card, so she did not need to read the little and I DO MEAN LITTLE BOX that says "if paying here with debit or credit card please read" she was going to pay cash after she dropped the car off. We went down on her lunch hour to get her car, and i was taking her car, cuz again i was taking her dog and her kid. We sat there for well over her lunch hour because the JERK sales men and asst manager said that she could not rent the vechicle, 1. because she had an out of state license.. how do business people rent cars when they travel? 2. She had torn up all her credit cards and was going to pay cash when she was done using the DAMN TRUCK. 3. and this hertz didnt take debit cards. So we thought Id rent the damn thing! They wont rent to me 1. I get SSI (SO F'n what does that have to do with having a drivers license and a credit card) 2. My credit card doesnt have enough to hold the vechile.. Mind you they dont tell us how much they need on the credit card, to hold it, just that there isnt enough. 3. My debit card is empty. So carmen calls a friend from work, 1. she has ODL, 2. she has credit card with money... Not enough. it has to have 200$ pluse the amount of the rental to hold the car... WE ARE ALL FUMING!! its freezing its almost 5pm, and these guys are being complete ASSES!! wont help us find another rental, wont budge an inch, wont even let us borrow a phone book!! THANK GOD for my palm and instant internet!!! I get all the car rental places in Bend and Redmond and find one that has a 4 wheel drive, or all wheel at this point, will take a debit card and a ODL and not have to have a $500 limit to hold the DAMN TRUCK that we are going to pay cash for when she is done using it!
Thank YOU BUDGET!!! at the RIVERHOUSE LODGE!!! for 1. staying open and waiting for us 2. for having great custmore service!! 3. for dealing with my sista!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Running around Like a blair witch

OK Having this neck surgery was a good thing? right? some one please tell me it was! Because i really am feeling like my head is spinning around in circles, like a Blair witch! I feel that if i don't have that damn Uncomfortable brace on, my head is going to fall off, or come loose at the nuts, bolts, and screws and spin uncontrollably! and no that is not funny!! OK maybe it is! But its not right now. And this hurts! I don't know if my lower back surgery hurt as bad, or maybe i wasn't consciences enough by now to know if if hurt. But this hurts, You cant swallow, because they went in there and moved your whole lynx and esophagus around so everything is swollen and it hurts to eat ice cream, now that is just plain against the American Constitution! OK well it should be! Its as American as Apple Pie, and i know for sure i cant eat that! Just the other day, it took me over an hour to eat "A" and i do mean a, as in ONE small peace of white pizza. I know it was dumb, but liquids get REAL BORING REAL FAST!! So my head is spinning out of control and one of my HS (high school) buddies who i have recently gotten back into contact with thanks to FACEBOOK (yeah facebook) thinks it just hilarious to make me giggle. Its not~~ It hurts like a mofo!! and i do mean bad! But he will get his.. I just want to know that if they told anyone all the after affects of a surgery would anyone get one??? I mean, come one honestly? After i had my lower back fused, i was feeling at the top of my world.. until Winter hit, and the frigid cold set in and that wonderful titanium that they stuck down my back felt like they Jabbed a slab of ice right threw my back and there was no way of ever getting it warm! But you know what my doctor with the bed side manner of a rattle snake said " what if i told you, you were the first one to tell me that?" and my answer to him, was you be lying. and he said," yeah, your right your not" rrrr they aggravate me so much with their god complexes. SO now I'm thinking, if me wondrous doctor had told me that i wasn't going to be able to swallow much more than ice or sleep except for sitting up for the next 6 to 8 weeks would i have had this surgery done? hmm ill have to get back to you in 6 to 8 weeks~ cuz right now HELL NO!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I have a threrory

I've come to realise that when I'm down, happy, frustrated, or in any kind of funk, I go shopping, but not just any kind of shopping, there is only one kind of shopping that can fix the blues. SHOE SHOPPING! and i have the closet's to prove it. My next idea is to organize them, some way, to keep them in their neat pretty little boxes, so i don't have to dig thru them all to see which ones i want to wear, and which boxes Ive just kept and shoved something else in there. Its a girl thing believe me! or at least i hope it is.. i have yet to come across a man with as many shoes as me or my sister! and she has tubs of them. I have no earthly idea how she keeps them straight!

But to my down fall and to the down fall of my wallet there is now in my town of residence a place to every shoe lovers dream. Its called the the Pink Shoe!! and OMG! it has shoes in every color, shape, and delicious design a girl with a fetish for shoes can imagine. You will see several of their shoes here.

But this is not just a blog about my shoe fetish and what I've done with them. Its about me, my life, and everything in it. But hey i had to start some where. Didn't i?