Friday, February 27, 2009


Ok So its been awhile since i've felt the need to get up on my saddle and stand on my horse and preach a little gospel!! Don't worrry I'm not in that mood, yet!! But I am in a mood and you know I am generally the most fair person you could ever meet, just ask anyone that has spent any time with me, but there comes a time that if you cross that line, YOU DONT PISS OFF THE BLONDE!! Well you've gone and done it!! and it's women in general, yes I said women, I told you I am the most fair person you will ever meet. I will male bash with the best of them, but i will also women bash right next to the men, if ya deserve it. And Honey's this time you. And yes I am a woman last time i checked... heheheee ;)
Do we have to go and ruin every man we dump, drop kick, jilt, roll over, reject, or burn? Isn't it enough that during the so called love affair, that they have been sacraficed, invalidated, nuetered, been desecrated, devestated, with held sexual favors, all in the name of love? Does any of this sound like love to you? Would you have liked to be treated like this? Would you like the everlasting affects of these kind of relationships to follow you, your whole life?
The power of that little fricken box between your legs aint everything girls!!! treat a man like you would want to be treated and maybe it might be returned ten fold. Come on!!! GOD gave you a brain to think with use it, not your damn box! Use kindness, gentleness, conversation and communication to make a relationship not blackmail, conniving and scheming to get men to bend to your every need. The damage it does to them is lifelong but the damage it does to yourself worth, self-respect and self-image is the real killer.
Because in the end who do you really want to make truelly happy? Yourself? Right? Becuase if your happy, everyone around you is happy, at least thats the way it works in this blondes world and believe they know if this blondes isn't happy! and yes i've dumped a few men, but not to the extent that i've turned them into whimpering sniveling puppies afraid to come out of thier shells and live again! And if they do take a chance the women that do get involved with them don't have to seek counseling or shelter!
So Dont piss of any blondes! You never know who's ex-girlfriend the guy might have had that will come lookin for you, for realling TURKING UP her friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i dont use that bad word anymore) How dare some of you women feel that you have the right to just screw with someones heart, mind, soul and life for years, all in the name of love! You need to seek professional help! It does wonders, believe me i know ive been & out of it for years, with a good counselor, otherwise I might be a psyco blonde and who knows what i might do!! (Just Kidding) but I am that PISSED!!! Messing with some ones mind should be a criminal offense. There is no difference between physical abuse, mental abuse, finacial abuse or sexual abuse; and that can be in the form of with holding it from your significant other in the means of attempting to get them to do something,be something, or act in some way you want them to.
You know men have the label as being the real bastardly beast, but women we have them beat we just don't get the notoriety or the punishment that the men do. I have known some really mean and cruel men, who have done some really unspeakable hurtful things that have taken me and their other sources of abuse years and years to get over and most of them have all served some form of punishment (professional), and some of it not necessarily warranted. I have also known just as many women, who to be quiet honest, have put the men to shame becuase the men may have the brute strength, but we women have our intellegence and when we it goes astray it can be sick and depraved and dark. Woman can be menatally, pysically, financially and sexually abusive without the men even knowing it, well at least at first. We all get smart after a while.... some longer than others but eventually we all get out, one way or the other.
But my point is the women i have known, none of them have been punished (professionally) because the system sees women in most cases as the lesser of the evils and the men made us do it!!! BULLSHIT!!! ever play the game bullshit, the winner is who ever can lie the best. OK, who are the best liars? WOMAN!! We fib, white lie, tell whoopers, We are story tellers and tricksters, (oh those last two we use on our kids and men either to catch them or to put them to sleep). Everyday of our lives, or at least most of us do ues some form of a lie, to someone, the woman that you worry about are the ones who have made it an art form and those are the dangerous ones. They can hide anything, tell you anything to make you believe it, be your friend one minute and turn around and stab you in the back the next!! So I feel we as woman, have an upperhand on the men, not saying that men are dumb, becuase they aren't, their abuse is usually stemmed from and early childhood trauma and or treatment.. ummm oh anyone getting a hint??? yeah you got it!!! mothers, who didnt know how to raise a family, fathers that didnt know how to handle out of control anger, who were mistreated as children. Its a vicious circle that unless something is done and done soon, its not going to go away and its going to get worse!!!
Abuse in all forms not just child abuse, parental, spousal, ALL ABUSE needs to be adress on a national level, but lets start small, pay attention to your friends, your family, your lover, your neighbor; if you see something that doesn't look or sound right ask questions. Be a friend, listen, learn to communicate not argue, find a good counselor. ANYTHING TO GET HELP!!!
Ok i think im done!!!!maybe!!! @~>~~~>~~~ :=) ~~~<~~~<~@

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