Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well Its been 3 weeks since my surgery and I'm bored, tired, and pissed! Ok maybe not pissed.. Fed up! I absolutely detested having to beg freinds for rides to the store, which is 3 blocks away!! Just because I can't drive! It is Awful!

Now, I have fallen behind in my college work becuase my head is so stinkin' foggy from this surgery! If i just happen to move my head the wrong way, I am in pain, maybe not pain but it's a feeling like being knocked to your knees by a baseball bat! Ever have that feeling? rrrr it is so aggervating!
I remember as a kid getting hig by a bat under the chin... OMF (and that is frickin') G (gosh) I am trying to turn over a new leaf.. (hehehe) knock you to your knees, tears in your eyes, dizzy, cant get a straight thought in your head!!!! Well thats the feeling i get if i so happen to turn my head, to fast or just a little bit to far, or just if it doesnt like something I'm doing!!! Then if I am going around the house without one of my braces for too long, my head gets to heavy ( i know weird) but it does and then i really get dizzy! Oh and then you want to hear a good one? I live in a townhouse! Well i've been feeling pretty good this weekend, and i was "hurring" up the stairs (yeah dumb) and i stumble when i get to the top, i catch myself but it jars my neck.. Yep you guess it, back to square ONE!!!! RRRRR

Sometimes, I wonder why I like being single, but then I listen to my friends complain and I remember why! But, I sure wish i lived closer to some of my friends!!! cuz my family sucks!! You'd think my sister would come and at least check on me once in awhile.. NOPE! She gives me her dog to look after ...luv ya chica .. but gee! My sister had not been to come to check on me once, or to see her dog, She has a new boy toy, He is 29, she is 40!!! She did finally come and get her dog, after a month of me having her. I had to practically beg her to take me to the pet store.

You Know You Can Not Pick Your Family, But You Can Definatily Pick Your Friends!! And I've had some of my Friends for well over 4o years!!!


  1. Well it looks like we have the same one, only when you customize your blog on the side it says gadgets and I just pick photo, see I didn't know you can put pic's in your writing blog as you do...hope you are feeling well, I'm feeling better. you still haven't told me about how to phone you.. glad you like your blog

  2. Oh it under settings when you are writing your blog, there is a little pic button. And its the same number as it was b4. And now i have to find and pic to the side.. hmm... love ya and thanks for the comments!