Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Running around Like a blair witch

OK Having this neck surgery was a good thing? right? some one please tell me it was! Because i really am feeling like my head is spinning around in circles, like a Blair witch! I feel that if i don't have that damn Uncomfortable brace on, my head is going to fall off, or come loose at the nuts, bolts, and screws and spin uncontrollably! and no that is not funny!! OK maybe it is! But its not right now. And this hurts! I don't know if my lower back surgery hurt as bad, or maybe i wasn't consciences enough by now to know if if hurt. But this hurts, You cant swallow, because they went in there and moved your whole lynx and esophagus around so everything is swollen and it hurts to eat ice cream, now that is just plain against the American Constitution! OK well it should be! Its as American as Apple Pie, and i know for sure i cant eat that! Just the other day, it took me over an hour to eat "A" and i do mean a, as in ONE small peace of white pizza. I know it was dumb, but liquids get REAL BORING REAL FAST!! So my head is spinning out of control and one of my HS (high school) buddies who i have recently gotten back into contact with thanks to FACEBOOK (yeah facebook) thinks it just hilarious to make me giggle. Its not~~ It hurts like a mofo!! and i do mean bad! But he will get his.. I just want to know that if they told anyone all the after affects of a surgery would anyone get one??? I mean, come one honestly? After i had my lower back fused, i was feeling at the top of my world.. until Winter hit, and the frigid cold set in and that wonderful titanium that they stuck down my back felt like they Jabbed a slab of ice right threw my back and there was no way of ever getting it warm! But you know what my doctor with the bed side manner of a rattle snake said " what if i told you, you were the first one to tell me that?" and my answer to him, was you be lying. and he said," yeah, your right your not" rrrr they aggravate me so much with their god complexes. SO now I'm thinking, if me wondrous doctor had told me that i wasn't going to be able to swallow much more than ice or sleep except for sitting up for the next 6 to 8 weeks would i have had this surgery done? hmm ill have to get back to you in 6 to 8 weeks~ cuz right now HELL NO!

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