Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I have a threrory

I've come to realise that when I'm down, happy, frustrated, or in any kind of funk, I go shopping, but not just any kind of shopping, there is only one kind of shopping that can fix the blues. SHOE SHOPPING! and i have the closet's to prove it. My next idea is to organize them, some way, to keep them in their neat pretty little boxes, so i don't have to dig thru them all to see which ones i want to wear, and which boxes Ive just kept and shoved something else in there. Its a girl thing believe me! or at least i hope it is.. i have yet to come across a man with as many shoes as me or my sister! and she has tubs of them. I have no earthly idea how she keeps them straight!

But to my down fall and to the down fall of my wallet there is now in my town of residence a place to every shoe lovers dream. Its called the the Pink Shoe!! and OMG! it has shoes in every color, shape, and delicious design a girl with a fetish for shoes can imagine. You will see several of their shoes here.

But this is not just a blog about my shoe fetish and what I've done with them. Its about me, my life, and everything in it. But hey i had to start some where. Didn't i?


  1. Hello, I'm glad you liked my blog..for some reason I can't call you ?
    I'm very glad you started one of your own ... love you

  2. well thats a long story! and if i could get my hands around my sisters neck! i could call you and tell you it! im trying to add pictures to the side of my blog now! and i need to take a trip with you after i heal! this surgery is really taken its toll out of me and then doing it all on my own this time! rrr!